Agility: the ability of an organization to renew itself, adapt to uncertainty  quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous environment.  Learn the behind-the-scenes agile best practices from the Marine Corps and other ultra successful organizations and take the first step to Smarter Communication, Faster Collaboration, and Stronger Commitment powered by Emergenetics.


Power of WE Workshops

Creating Teams Purpose-Built for Agility, “Emergeneering” Agile Teams

Power of WE Workshops Harness team strengths. Support your organization’s success.

The Power of WE workshops use a Whole Emergenetics (WE) approach to empower teams to create new and better ways of working. These essential workshops begin with the Meeting of the Minds workshop and Emergenetics Profile that provide the foundation for Purpose-Built (Emergeneered) Teams for Agility. Each of our essentials workshops – Accelerating Team Performance, Crafting Team Norms, and Fostering Innovation – build on Emergenetics principles and use our signature applications of Thinking and Behavioral dynamics to address common challenges, enhance collaboration, and ultimately improve performance.

Meeting of the Minds

Create an engaging, productive workplace culture

Without self-aware employees, high-performing teams and a positive culture, your organization will experience immediate changes in communication, collaboration, productivity and employee retention.

Through the Meeting of the Minds, employees are empowered to use their strengths to achieve their potential and organizations are given the tools to maximize performance and create positive cultures.

Workshop Results

After attending an Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds, positive change happens. A recent survey found:

  • More than 80% of attendees gain enhanced self-awareness
  • Nearly 70% of a endees report improved working relationships
  • Over 60% of attendees experienced better collaboration

After every workshop, attendees walk away with:

  • An understanding of their own strengths and the talents of others
  • Knowledge of how their Emergenetics® Profile impacts the workplace
  • Strategies to enhance communica on and collaboration
  • Tools to improve outcomes through the power of cognitive diversity

Accelerating Team Performance

Create high-performing teams by utilizing each employee’s innate strengths and aligning team members with the goals of your organization. In this workshop, departmental and cross-functional teams gain the tools they need to strengthen collaboration and use cognitive diversity to achieve results.

Enhance effectiveness. Drive success.

When your team is performing at its best, employees are happier, timelines are accelerated, quality of work is better and results are stronger. To build high-functioning teams in your organization, our Accelerating Team Performance workshop will help you evaluate existing team dynamics and use Emergenetics and cognitive diversity to support your ongoing success.

According to the Harvard Business Review, teams are more effective when they’re cognitively diverse. Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Strengthen their ability to perform as a team
  • Recognize and maximize the benefits of Thinking and Behavioral diversity
  • Integrate an inclusive WE approach (cognitively diverse approach) to enhance team outcomes
  • Examine individual and team interactions
  • Adapt behavior to improve communication, productivity and culture

Crafting Team Norms

Help your employees move past the forming or storming stages of team development and move quickly to performing. In this program, attendees will use the Emergenetics Attributes to learn to create psychological safety for one another and identify results-driven behaviors to collectively drive action, effect change and improve performance.

Define values. Cultivate success.

When team members don’t follow the same rules of engagement, seemingly small differences can grow into frustration, impact productivity and lead to conflict. When teams are commi ed to following the same ground rules, we nd that performance improves.

In our Crafting Team Norms workshop, we provide a four-pass process to develop a set of operating norms for teams so that they can move past storming and get to performing.

Workshop Results

In a 2012 Google study of team performance, researchers found that team norms had the biggest impact on team success. Following this workshop, a endees will be able to:

  • Describe their operating norms and their role in performance
  • Create psychological safety for each Emergenetics Attribute
  • Begin integrating their newly created team norms
  • Assess their success and adjust norms to improve communication and performance

Fostering Innovation

Drive creativity in your business to stay ahead of the compe on, remain agile and innovate to support the changing needs of your market. This workshop will provide a endees with the tools they need to develop personal prac ces that spur creativity and create a culture that is conducive to innovative ideas.

Increase confidence. Support performance.

The drive for innovation is a constant in business today. Teams and organizations are challenged to stay ahead of the competition, remain agile and anticipate the needs of their clients, and some mes, it can feel like our creativity is tapped out.

Through our Fostering Innovation workshop, a endees will discover personal strategies to inspire creativity, and teams and leaders will walk away with practical ways to build a culture that is conducive to idea on.

Workshop Results

Innovation leads to business results. In fact, a Boston Consulting Group study found that innovative companies enjoyed a 12.4 percent advantage in their three-year total shareholder returns. Upon completing this program, attendees will understand how to:

  • Create a climate that fosters inclusive innovation for all Attributes
  • Engage in techniques that encourage creativity
  • Enact personal strategies to drive invention