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Would your organization benefit by employing agile lessons from the Marine Corps and other successful teams? Would your teams benefit by being empowered to mindfully drive continuous improvement, raise quality and productivity constantly, while simultaneously eliminating waste and inefficiency?

Agile Organizations are built on a foundation of healthy agile teams where trust, respect, and meaning shape behavior. The heart and soul of agile is a deep respect for people and an inclusive approach to empowering creativity, innovation, and high performance.

Most agile consultants focus on process to drive productivity. At Ventivia, we focus on helping you grow healthy teams based on mindfulness, resilience, and emotional and social intelligence. Our emphasis on mindfulness allows leaders and team members to pay attention to what’s happening in the environment (situational awareness) allowing them to stay focused and under control, especially when faced with stressful situations.

According to McKinsey, organizations from General Mills to Internet giants such as Facebook and Google increasingly give their employees opportunities to benefit from mindfulness. As described in the Harvard Business Review, “the pursuit of mindful leadership will help you achieve clarity about what is important to you and a deeper understanding of the world around you. Mindfulness will help you clear away the trivia and needless worries about unimportant things, nurture passion for your work and compassion for others, and develop the ability to empower the people in your organization.”

Traditional mechanistic approaches to setting up and running organizations slow and restrain the creativity, innovation, and self-organization that mindful agile practices unleash. Healthy agile teams demonstrate a “presence” that can only be achieved through union of the heart, mind and body. Providing teams with the tools to become more focused and mindful can foster a better working environment conducive to development and high performance.

Peter Baverso,  Liberating Human Potential since 2001.  Peter served as the Human Performance Lead for Marine Corps, Information Technology and Infrastructure and as the founder of Ventivia, LLC, myleadershipcourses.com, and liberatedliving.org, Peter applies the agile lessons from the Marine Corps along with the art and science of optimal human performance to help entrepreneurs scale their ideas and established organizations improve business results.

As I learned in my years with the Marine Corps, execution requires “boots on-the-ground” energy among the teams – the best execution-driven organizations employ healthy competition, a shared sense of purpose, and bottom-up innovation to empower the front line to excel. Overuse of top-down processes kill on-the-ground energy of the front line. The least healthy teams and organizations are those that focus on authoritative-leadership practices that diminish the spirit.